That year's fairy tale

Read day of fairy tale, pass, for a long time, reach, already forget oneself to once like the fairy tale then for a long time for a long time already.

Yes, how long, have forgotten.

Will certainly give each child incantation that forget vicious witch daughter, forget, see fairy tale smile small happiness that go to sleep that year.

Until having one's own exclusive angels, the incantation will not be untied.

Looking at the angel going to sleep peacefully in one's arms, each child justing become mother for person's father for the first time must surge the happiness of the other style in the heart.

Ha, the incantation has been untied happily.

The fragrant fragrant soft treasure gathers around, is reading the detailed and detailed and crisp and crisp fairy tale, that time, the happiness in whole world seems to hold in hands.

Find a clue to incantation to be very beautiful and very fine like this originally, but I a not obedient one ahead of time to expire incantation by oneself.

Perhaps my prince dislikes me, unwilling to appear slowly.

Perhaps little short people are too busy, forget to arrange my existence.

Old witch attentively, fall asleep stealthily while downing the incantation too perhaps

All sorts of consequences caused in surprise are

I have remembered fairy tale and happiness forgotten forgotten.

Lay in mother's chest that year, often pushed away and woke up and told a story and talked about the sleeping mother,

Very dissatisfied the story only talks about the vicious behaviour not waking up that but half has already slept to and pushed away each time.

Dissatisfied that is always hiding the little trick that reads two of the fashion magazine frequently behind the story-book,

Accompany by faint sigh read I a face with taking magazine out throw far helplessness well proud all each time.

But was still hiding the extremely evil magazine in the story-book the next day, the ones that did not change for ten thousand years were thrown by me outside the bed

Later on later, I can hold fairy tale book think by oneself.

Hesitate, for a long time, struggle, for a long time, borrow Green's fairy tale to little boys in flat finally at that time.

Do not sleep at noon, lie prone and read in the warm sunlight.

Warm that the sun shine bright in that winter.

It was in the hospital that day of the book to still remember finishing reading.

There are only sunshine vacillating and quiet breath in the ward.

I hold book watch heartily, remember, hang how long needle play, remember why go, fight hang stitch either, while only remembering lifting the head, the bright and beautiful and dazzling sunshine outside the window.

Crazy about the sunshine in winter from that time.

The faint sweet taste with fairy tale is sure to be particularly warmly over this winter.

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Fish's pole and fish

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In the past, two hungry persons got an elder's favor: A fishing rod and a basket of lifelike and very large fish. Among them, having wanted a basket of fish alone, another person takes a fishing rod, then they part company with each other. Where it is of person who receives fish sets up bonfires and boils the fish with the dried firewood, he gobbles up, it is fragrant that there is no meat that product offers the fresh fish, have been eaten one with nothing left by him including fish and the soup in the twinkling of an eye, soon, he dies of hunger by the empty fish basket. Another person continues enduring the torments of hunger carrying the fishing rod, walking to the seashore difficultly step by step, but when he has already seen that bright blue ocean nearby, last a little strength all over of his has even been enabled, he can only let go in human world taking the endless regret anxiously.

There are two hungry persons, they have got a fishing rod and a basket of fish that elders bestowed too. They have every go straight things just, but agree to look for the sea jointly, they only boiled a fish each time, they came to the seashore through remote scaling and fording, it begin fish two people from then on day that make a living,how long after,build they by house, there are one's own family, children, there is fishing boat built of oneself, live a happy and safe and comfortable life.

One justs think of the immediate interest, the ones that were got will be transient and joyous and pleased; One has farsighted goal, but will face realistic life. May become a successful person unless combining ideal and reality with. Sometimes, a simple reason, but enough to give somebody meaningful life enlightenment.

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